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Sherwin Gardner In Concert ( Pillars Of Truth Ministry)

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The Pillars of Truth Ministry (Longdenville Chaguanas) was privileged to have Minister Sherwin Gardner and his band in concert last night (Friday 26th October). Joining him was Minister Joel Murray, better known as “Positive” making a guest appearance. The event opened with a time of praise and worship, not just in songs but with a group of youths who came out to worship in dance as well.

Minister Gardner was introduced and welcomed with a heartfelt round of applause by the congregation. His first song was one of the people’s favourites, “In One Accord”. He went on to do “Make Me & Mold Me”, “I Worship You” and some of his other oldies which were enjoyed by everyone (Pastor’s request). And he showed his appreciation by having a time at the front of the stage with others. Sherwin told the congregation that he has a God that he doesn’t have to dust or paint or call his friends to move, because his God can move him. Then went right into “Nah Go Bow Down” and “Cant Serve Two Masters”. Powerful songs which had the people on their feet with their hands in the air!

Sherwin Gardner introduced Positive to the stage, and together they did “Catch Me When I Fall”. Positive ministered with” Today Is A Great Day”, “Sweeter” (another one of the people’s favourites) and “Better Must Come”. He shared that he felt like giving up when he lost his mother and sister but remembered God’s word saying “when thy Father and thy mother forsake thee, then I will take thee up”, and held on to that believing that he was not alone and better would come.

In closing, Sherwin Gardner made a call to all the youths to come to the front, giving advice to them and words of encouragement. He let them know that they don’t have to follow others, their peers, their neighbours or their friends, but do what is right to be called into their purpose. Everyone joined in as Sherwin prayed for the youths then he closed the concert with “Praises Never Stop”.

The concert was enjoyed by everyone, not just those at Pillars of Truth but everyone who was viewing at Event Stream TT.

Keep logged on to Event Stream TT for more upcoming events. God bless!

Story By Mandy Alexander

The Word 107.1FM

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The Word

Word 107.1FM is the brand new Gospel radio station hitting the air waves, and they are definitely taking it to the next level! Every so many maxi taxi drivers’ dial has not moved from this new powerhouse station. If you’re looking to get 24 hours of positive music energy, great vibes and great inspiration, then tune in to the Word 7 days a week.

Word 107.1FM is the largest Gospel radio station to be launched since the 31st August 2002 when Trinidad & Tobago’s FBN “I.S.A.A.C.” 98.1 FM” launched years ago. Some of the members of the W107.1 team include: Jahziel ‘Jahzy’ Daniell, Gerard ‘Christchild’ Leonce, Arnold ‘Bodyroc’ Grant’, Kern Cowan, Junior Lett, Malcolm Wilson, Jamie ‘JT’ Thomas, Joanne Noel, Adanna McMillan Grant and Atiba ‘DJ Blessment Pierre, and more to be announced soon.

On Friday 19th October, W107.1 has joined “I.S.A.A.C 98.1 FM” in lifting up of the name of Jesus and spreading the gospel worldwide. The name speaks volumes, and the message is being heard all across Trinidad & Tobago. Situated on Tragarite Rd, in the City of Port Of Spain Trinidad and Tobago, we at Event Stream TT are excited and grateful to God for this addition to the body of Christ.

Event Stream TT will be working closely with W107.1FM spreading the WORD, not just throughout the nation, but to the world. Whether you are at work, in your car, or at home, there is always a way to connect or tune in to “The Word”. So Event Stream TT says much thanks to Jamie Thomas and his crew for making this Gospel radio stations a success.

If you’re in Trinidad, tune into 107.FM. You can also listen from anywhere in the world by logging on to

Story By Mandy Alexander